The Fort Morgan Police Department is comprised of four teams with one sergeant and up to four officers. The investigations unit consists of one detective sergeant and three detectives. Additional divisions within the department are community resources and school resources.


2015 Brown.JPG
Sergeant Steve Brown
2015 Miller.JPG
Sergeant Kevin Miller
2015 Parks.JPG
Sergeant Jim Parks
2015 Schossow.JPG
Sergeant Doug Schossow

Police Officers

Officer Palmer Anguiano
2015 Brackett.JPG
Officer Cindy Brackett
2015 Cantin.JPG
Officer Brian Cantin
2015 Gagliano.JPG
Officer Tony Gagliano
2015 Garcia.jpg
Officer Chris Garcia
2015 Greenwood.jpg
Officer Trevor Greenwood
Montoya1_thumb 127 173.jpg
Officer Joey Montoya
Officer Jon Renteria
2015 Robbins.JPG
Officer Josh Robbins
2015 Schiel.JPG
Officer Evan Schiel
2015 Thyne.JPG
Officer Ted Thyne

Investigations Division

2015 Vosburg.JPG
Detective Steve Vosburg
2015 Zwetzig.JPG
Detective Todd Zwetzig

Community Resources

2015 Doll.JPG
Community Resource Officer Roger Doll
2015 Malone.JPG
School Resource Officer Tim Malone