General Information

The City of Fort Morgan is contracted with OtterTail Environmental Inc. in the area for the surveillance and control of mosquitoes. Please visit OtterTail's Website for detailed information on mosquito control, tips for homeowners, and pesticide-related information.

Call OtterTail's automated Mosquito Control Hotline at (303) 273-2878 or toll free at (888) 774-2161 to report any potential mosquito habitat areas, mosquito infestations, or any other mosquito-related concerns.

2017 Mosquito Annual Mosquito Report

Please follow the link below to view the latest Monthly Reports on the2017 Mosquito Control Program administered by OtterTail Environmental Inc.
Please follow the link below for information on OtterTail's Mosquito Control Program:

Mosquito Spraying

In general, adult mosquito spray applications are planned between the hours of dusk and dawn, as needed, throughout the mosquito season.

Residents can be automatically notified before any spray events occur in their neighborhood and/or opt out of having their properties being sprayed by calling OtterTail's Mosquito Control Hotline to be placed on their Spray Notifications and/or Shut-Off lists.