1. Payment of Utility Bills

    Payment information for utility bills

  2. Utility Customer Information

    Useful information regarding utility billing.

  3. Gas Department

    View information on the services provided and gas rates from the Municipal Gas System.

  4. Light & Power Department

    View electric rates, meter information, energy efficiency tips, and more from the Light and Power Department.

  5. Sanitation Department

    Browse through information on Fort Morgan&#39s trash pick-up and disposal, large item pick-ups, sanitation rates, and more.

  6. Utility Billing Department

    Learn about meter readings, customer services, and programs available to help you pay your utility bills.

  7. Utility Rates

    Find the current rates and fees for the Fort Morgan utilities.

  8. Wastewater Department

    View information about wastewater collection and treatment within the City.

  9. Water Department

    Browse through information on the water collection, distribution, and treatment in Fort Morgan.