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Posted on: February 12, 2018

Police Warn of Upsurge in Counterfeit Bills

Over the past few months there has been a rise in counterfeit bills being passed in the northeast Colorado region, according to the Fort Morgan Police Department.

These types of cases seem to come and go throughout the year, police said. The most often counterfeited bills seem to be $20 and $100 bills, and businesses are the first line of defense for the detection of counterfeit bills.

Many businesses use special pens to help try to detect counterfeit bills. However, the pens cannot give a definite confirmation that a bill is fake, and only offer an indication to look at the bill more closely. Due to technological advances in counterfeiting, even a person who is trained and works with money on a daily basis can miss a high-tech counterfeit bill upon first glance.

The FMPD is sharing an internet link to help assist citizens, businesses and employees of our communities to learn more about how to identify real money versus counterfeit money. The website has many educational materials that can be viewed, downloaded and saved, as well as a free online training program that can be completed at your leisure.

Visit this invaluable resource at

If you suspect that you have been presented with a counterfeit bill, please retain the bill if possible and call your local law enforcement agency immediately to make a report. 


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