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Posted on: February 13, 2018

Children's Library Closure to Last Into Spring

The downstairs children’s library at the Fort Morgan Public Library is expected to remain closed well into the spring as extensive restoration and repair work is completed.

The children’s library was heavily damaged in December when an outside water source was turned on and left on overnight during a weekend. The water ran down a stairwell and under the doors to the children’s library, flooding the area and saturating carpet, walls and other materials.

During the drying of the walls after the flood cleanup a small amount of mold was discovered. When mold is discovered, an asbestos check is required, and this revealed small amounts of asbestos in one wall, some posts and in the glue used to hold down the carpet. As a result, asbestos abatement is necessary.

An insurance claim was submitted by the city, bids for the work were gathered and a bid from Buchanan Construction of Fort Morgan was approved. Buchanan subcontracts with Asbestos Abatement Inc. for the asbestos/mold removal.

Work is expected to begin March 12, after all of the proper permits have been received. The asbestos abatement team will do the library’s data room first to minimize the time library staff and patrons will be without internet services. On March 12 internet service is likely to be unavailable for up to six hours.

The library building will remain open throughout the project but the children’s library will be closed during the asbestos abatement. The abatement on the wall is estimated to last four to five days, and the carpet adhesive abatement could take up to three weeks.

After the abatement portion of the work is completed, drywall will have to be replaced, the walls will have to be painted and the carpet will be replaced.


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