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Brand New Business
  • Visit City's Planning and Zoning Department - fulfill their requirements to receive Building Inspector's approval
  • Obtain State of Colorado sales tax license (on State Form CR 0100) - hang in conspicuous place in the business
  • Obtain City of Fort Morgan sales tax license - hang in conspicuous place in the business
  • Open doors of business to the public
  • Pay both State and City taxes to State of Colorado, Department of Revenue (on State Form DR 0100) (Fort Morgan is a "state-collected city")

When a new business wants to open in Fort Morgan that will be selling retail, tangible items, the business owner must first visit the City's Planning and Zoning Department, located at the City Complex Building, 710 East Railroad Avenue. The Planning and Zoning Department will help the business owner ensure that all zoning requirements are met and that the Building Inspector will approve the location.

If you have questions for the Planning and Zoning Department, they can be reached at (970) 542-3907. Their fax number is (970) 867-3039.

Licenses & Forms
Once the business owner has complied with the zoning requirements, they must obtain their State of Colorado sales tax license and then the City of Fort Morgan sales tax license. There is no fee for a City sales tax license. Both of these licenses should be obtained prior to opening the door to the public. The State of Colorado, Department of Revenue information and forms are available on their website.

State Form CR 0100 must be completed by the business owner, received by the Colorado Department of Revenue along with the proper payment, and a new revenue registration account number issued before a City of Fort Morgan sales tax license can be applied for. The required form may be mailed to the State at:
1375 Sherman Street
Denver, CO 80261-0009

A business owner may take the application form to the State in person at one of their walk-in offices in Denver, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, Grand Junction, or Pueblo. More information on the State's procedure is contained on their website. They can be reached for questions at (303) 238-7378.

Once the registration account number has been received or the actual State license has been received through the mail, a copy of the form with the number on it or the actual license must be provided to the City of Fort Morgan's City Clerk. A one-page application must be completed. There is no fee to obtain a City sales tax license. Once the City sales tax license is issued, it must be posted in a conspicuous place in the business.

When taxes are collected, both State of Colorado and City of Fort Morgan taxes must be paid to the Colorado Department of Revenue. Fort Morgan is a "state-collected city." The taxes must be paid using the Department of Revenue Form DR0100. The form may be found on the State of Colorado, Department of Revenue website.

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