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Established Business – Moving Locations
  • Discuss new business address with Planning and Zoning Department to verify Zoning Code requirements are met and make changes, if needed, to obtain Building Inspector's approval
  • File Change of Address form with State of Colorado, Department of Revenue (State Form DR 1102) to obtain corrected license - hang in conspicuous place in the business
  • Obtain City of Fort Morgan license - hang in conspicuous place in the business
  • Open doors of business to the public
  • Pay State and City taxes to State of Colorado, Department of Revenue (on State Form DR 0100) (Fort Morgan is a "state-collected city")

If a business owner has their State of Colorado sales tax license and they have been doing business in another Colorado location, and they now wish to open a business in Fort Morgan, they must first find a business location and visit the City's Planning and Zoning Department to ensure compliance with the City's zoning requirements. The business owner must also notify the State of Colorado, Department of Revenue, of the location change and file the appropriate address change forms with the State.

If Planning and Zoning tells the business owner that all requirements are met, they must complete a City of Fort Morgan Sales Tax License Application and send it along with a copy of the completed forms to the State. Once a new license is received from the State, a copy must be provided to the City Clerk's office located at:
110 Main St.
Fort Morgan, CO 80701

The new City sales tax license must be posted in a conspicuous place in the business.

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