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We would be glad to mail any of the following items to you. If you are interested in an item you are having trouble locating, please let us know. We accept checks and credit cards.

For more information contact the museum at (970) 542-4010.

One Hundred and Eleven Trees
  • Edited by Wesley Kellogg Rickel
  • 275pp; 11" x 8"; Includes photos, maps, and an index
  • Contains 111 biographies that not only tell the stories of the 111 trees dedicated to pioneers and builders of the Fort Morgan community, but combine to tell the story of how the community came to be; the tree dedications started in 1965 as part of a City beautification project and culminated in 1976 with the publishing of this book as part of the City's and museum's centennial festivals
  • $6

A Step Back in Time...
  • By The Fort Morgan Museum
  • 60 pp; 8" x 7"; Includes photos
  • Each page contains at least one photo and text that combines artfully to tell the story of early Fort Morgan; this book was published as part of the Fort Morgan Centennial celebrations
  • $5

From the Steppes to the Prairies
  • By Eloise Sagel Hanson
  • 34 pp; 5" x 8"; Includes photos and a map
  • This is a brief history of the German-Russians in Fort Morgan, CO
  • $4

Platte Reflections
  • Edited by Fort Morgan High School students
  • 56 pp; 6" x 9"; Includes illustrations and photos
  • Contains vignettes of Fort Morgan's history compiled by students through research and articles
  • Written for Fort Morgan's Centennial
  • $4

The Early History of Fort Morgan, Colorado
  • By Don English
  • 40 pp, 5" x 8"; Includes photos and a bibliography
  • Tells the story of the founding and growth of Fort Morgan from a small military outpost to a bustling agricultural community
  • $3

A Boy, a Golden Trombone, and a Dream...
  • By Tom Yates
  • 28 pp; 5" x 8"; Includes photos
  • Short biography of one of the most illustrious alumni of Fort Morgan High School, the Big Band leader, Glenn Miller
  • $5

The Best of Friends
  • By Friends of the Museum
  • 208 pp; 7" x 8"
  • Cookbook contains collected recipes from the Friends of the Museum and other museum patrons; each subject divider has a line drawing of a building important to the history of Fort Morgan (also has interesting historical notes scattered throughout)
  • $5

Memories of Morgan County
  • Edited by Barbara Keenan
  • 8" x 11"; Includes photos
  • Series of articles written by residents of Morgan County in honor of the Country's centennial; communities include Fort Morgan, Brush, Log Lane Village, Hoyt, Snyder, Weldona, Goodrich, Hillrose, Orchard, Wiggins, Gary, and Adena
  • $3

Recruited for the Duration
  • 151 pp; Includes survey
  • This is a community biography of Morgan County and WWI; which includes interviews with those who served and those who stayed at home; information on the prisoner of war camps in the County, and information on the glider pilot school in Fort Morgan; and a section titled "Generation to Generation," a survey section which includes family recipes and remembrances of where people were during certain events in the recent past, this is the edition which earned the Bancroft Award
  • $6

Baker...More than a School
  • 270 pp
  • In 1995, the Baker School in Fort Morgan burned to the ground as a result of arson; to ensure the memory of this school did not fade as quickly as the building, the Baker School was chosen as the subject for the 1996 book (this contains not only interviews with students and staff throughout the years but a review of the court case and student notes during the trial from conversations with Judge Vannoy and the lawyers on both sides
  • $11

Maroons to Mustangs
  • 313 pp
  • In 1966, the Fort Morgan High School moved to a new building and changed their mascot; This is the story of the first 30 years of the Mustangs and their new building (also included in this edition are interviews with the ESL students of Karen Liston; whose narratives give a new prospective on the education received at Fort Morgan High School
  • $15

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