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Police Department
Fort Morgan Police Department

901 E. Beaver Avenue
Fort Morgan, CO  80701

(970) 867-5678
(970) 542-3930
(970) 542-3939
Administration Fax:
(970) 542-3946
Emergency: 9-1-1

Lobby Hours
Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Service Hours
24 Hours a Day,
7 Days a Week
The Fort Morgan Department consists of 28 sworn officers and 5 civilians who serve the community under the direction of the Chief of Police. We operate under a community policing and problem-solving philosophy, keeping the department focused on our community partnership responsibilities.

Our Purpose
To serve, protect, and enhance the quality of life through effective law enforcement practices.

Our Goal
Foster an environment that promotes equality, teamwork, positive communication, leadership, and accountability.

Develop relationships that facilitate trust and understanding between citizens and law enforcement.

Utilize effective practices to increase Department efficiency.


Fort Morgan Police say "Thank You"

Citizens of Fort Morgan:

The Fort Morgan Police Department would like to express our appreciation to the community that has stepped forward in recent weeks to declare their gratitude and support of the police officers. Recent events in Dallas, Baton Rouge and other cities across the country have reminded many of us how dangerous the job of a police officer can be.

The Fort Morgan Police Department started receiving thank you notes and other “goodies” after the Dallas shootings and recently anonymous donors delivered catered lunches for the officers at the department.  It still continues this week with various organizations dropping off items such as signed poster boards, cards and even specially made bags of candy.

Both businesses and private citizens have demonstrated their appreciation.  Many officers have reported receiving a handshake and words of “Thank you” from citizens around town and on the street.

As a police department we recognize that to do our job successfully we require the support and partnership of the community.  The kind words and gestures of support let us know our community cares, and we work every day to maintain that trust. While many of the deliveries to the police department have been anonymous, officers want the people who sent them to know they truly appreciate the outpouring of support.

Jared R. Crone
Interim Chief of Police

Telephone Scam Prevalent
In recent weeks, Fort Morgan Police have been contacted by numerous residents who were targeted for a scam.  The intended victims received telephone calls from people claiming to be debt collectors and asking the unsuspecting targets to send money, “or else”.

The ruse used by the scammers varies, sometimes it’s a credit card bill, other times it’s a utility bill, or maybe money owed to the IRS.  Whatever method used, the scammers threaten loss of services, someone showing up at their place of work, or being arrested.  Sometimes the caller tells the victim they have won a prize or lottery and owe money for fees or taxes.

It used to be common for scammers to have the intended victim wire the money for payment of a debt, but lately Police are hearing stories of people being asked to send money using a pre-paid money card.  One commonly used card is the “Green Dot Money Pak” cards sold at convenience stores and other places.

The benefit for criminals asking intended victims to use a pre-paid money card is they are able to drain the money from the card once they convince their victim to reveal the 14 digit code on the back of the card.  Unlike wiring money, scammers can steal the money without showing up at an office to claim the funds.

In most of these scams, the intended victim is instructed to buy a pre-paid money card, load the amount of the fine or other money owed onto the card and then provide the number on the back of the card to the thieves, who will transfer the funds from the card.  Once the victim reveals the code on the back of the card, the money is removed from the pre-paid account and is irretrievable. 

To avoid becoming a victim, residents should treat pre-paid money cards as you would treat cash.  Never give card number to someone you do not know.  Refuse any request that asks you to buy a pre-paid money card and then share the number or receipt information.

If you believe you are the victim of a scam, call your local police.  In Fort Morgan, Call 970-867-5678.

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