Economic Development and Marketing

Capital of the Plains

The Economic Development and Marketing Department focuses on
  • Promoting productive partnerships
  • Streamlining public processes
  • Endorsing responsible and critical development
  • Managing attraction, retention and expansion of business and industry in the local trade area.


All utilities (i.e., electric, natural gas, water, wastewater, and sanitation) are municipally owned and operated. This local ownership assures residents and businesses prompt and exceptional customer service, as well as some of the most competitive utility rates in the state. In fact, Fort Morgan was named one of Colorado’s 10 most affordable cities in 2015 by the Denver Business Journal.
In conjunction with our Planning and Zoning department the City can answer all development inquiries (e.g., code requirements) and provide services such as utility infrastructure locates. The Economic Development and Marketing Department has access to information on workforce statistics, local industry, and commercial property listings. For example, the labor force numbers over 13,000 with a continually increasing population over the past several years. The wide diversification of local industries ranges from transportation, manufacturing and telecommunications to health care, arts, entertainment and more.
Morgan County offers the highest average annual wage of the six northeastern Colorado counties.

Strategic Partnerships


The Economic Development Office’s partnerships also provide access to an incredible wealth of information on financial programs that range from revolving loans to incentive tax credits and state initiatives
The City aspires to be the city of choice for ourselves and future generations – beautiful, clean, and safe. We seek to provide services that meet the collective needs of the citizens. This includes actively identifying and seizing all opportunities that will improve the quality of life. Our vision involves accessible and efficient governance that enhances the healthy economic environment of the community. Our diverse community and innovative spirit makes the City of Fort Morgan a top location for new business and real estate development interested in ease of access to multiple transportation options.

We hope you join us soon!