Utility Billing

Customer-Friendly Programs

The Utility Department has initiated various customer-friendly programs such as budget billing, auto-pay, and the Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LEAP). The City has partnered with Colorado Energy Assistance Foundation (CEAF) to assist customers that are in need, to pay their utility bills during the winter months. There are approximately 159 budget-billing accounts and 397 auto-pay accounts.


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Meter Readings

In addition to customer service and utility billing, the department also has personnel that go out and read all electric, gas, and water meters within the City's service area. Each month the meter reading personnel read approximately 6,000 electric meters, 4,465 gas meters and 4,044 water meters. This amounts to a total of 14,509 meters read each month.

Customer Service

The Utility Billing Department provides customer service and ensures compliance to utility billing and customer accounting procedures for electric, gas, water, wastewater, and sanitation customers. Customer service is considered a very high priority.

The department averages approximately 475 meter orders per month and initiates a variety of service orders that include crew responses to furnace and water heater checks, diversion of utilities, line breaks, and numerous other requirements. The department also averages 150 telephone calls per day and handles them by directing calls to the appropriate utility departments, answering questions, or writing service orders. The Department mails approximately 7,500 utility statements on the last day of each month, and approximately 800 late notices are also mailed each month.