Fiber Optic Broadband Network

Mayor Ron Shaver speaking at Allo Press Conf erence12-20-17

This will give the citizens and businesses in our community a choice and a very fast and dependable internet service," said Fort Morgan Mayor Ron Shaver. “The economic development potential from this project is also something that could be very beneficial for the city’s business sector.”

Under an agreement approved by the City Council on Dec. 19, 2017 Fort Morgan will fund and manage the construction of the all-fiber network that will pass by every home and business in the city. ALLO will lease the network to provide ultra-fast internet and superior television and telephone services to subscribers.

ALLO’s network lease has a 20-year term and is renewable for two 10-year term extensions. After each term, the city has the opportunity to purchase ALLO’s investment. 

ALLO will design the network at no cost to the city, provide and manage the electronics providing light for the network, fund and manage the completion of the network with fiber drops from pedestals to individual homes and businesses, and provide installation services. ALLO will be responsible for marketing and signing up subscribers, as well as providing customer service including billing and payment processing.

“ALLO was the best choice because they were willing to work with the city to develop an agreement that is a partnership, which fits in with the city’s long-term goals for the fiber network and also allows ALLO to be successful,” Mayor Shaver said.

Founded in Imperial, Neb. in 2003, ALLO specializes in providing world-class communications services by creating gigabit communities. In 2004, ALLO began building its first fiber communities, and today provides ubiquitous fiber networks in seven communities supported by more than 500 associates.

"We are excited to partner with Fort Morgan, our first Colorado city, to fulfill its vision of becoming a gigabit community and offering game-changing communication services to families and businesses,” said Brad Moline, president of ALLO. "Exceptionally fast fiber internet enhances how we live and work locally and connect with the rest of the world. Not only will it help Fort Morgan create jobs, enhance educational opportunities, and improve the delivery of medical care, families will enjoy the fastest speeds for streaming music and movies, video chatting, sharing photos, and playing online games.

“We look forward to being engaged as a part of the Fort Morgan family,” Moline said. “As construction moves forward, we will open a local sales and customer service office and get to know people and the community.”

Fort Morgan residents voted in 2009 to opt out of Colorado Senate Bill 152, a state law that prevents a municipality from owning and providing service over its own telecommunications network. Since then, city and community leaders have been exploring options to upgrade Fort Morgan’s communications infrastructure and offer residents and businesses ultra-fast, reliable internet. 

High-speed, quality internet services have the capability to dramatically improve how a community’s businesses, schools, and medical offices operate, how people live and communicate, and can affect whether people stay in the community. With fast, reliable internet, a competitive necessity is filled for Fort Morgan to be economically vibrant for many decades.

Heath Kuntz, president of Adaptive Resources Inc. with offices in Fort Morgan and Scottsbluff, Neb., said he is excited about the city’s partnership with ALLO to bring high-speed internet to the community.

“Our business depends upon a reliable high-speed connection for our on-premises and cloud-based applications and to enable our disconnected workers to effectively collaborate in teams,” Kuntz said. “The product of this partnership will enable us to grow our business teams and enhance reliability to our clients.”

The City of Fort Morgan completed the “backbone” portion of the fiber project in 2017, and construction of the access network is expected to begin in early 2018 and continue for several months. By late 2018, ALLO expects to be installing service to homes and businesses with its internet, TV, and telephone services. Citizens and businesses can register to receive regular construction updates at

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