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Community Camera Registry

  1. Did you know you can register your surveillance camera with us? By doing this and letting us know, you can help us to solve crimes faster and help your community. When you register your camera, all of your information is not publicized and is kept internally. We cannot access your cameras, it only lets us know that you have them. If we know you have cameras installed, it will help us to know where cameras are in the community so that we may be able to ask for your help should you have a camera that may capture something.

    All registrants agree to the following terms and conditions:

    •     Any video that is provided to the City of Fort Morgan Police Department will not be shared with the media or general public without permission of the owner.
    •     Video containing criminal activity may be used by the City of Fort Morgan Police Department as evidence during a criminal investigation.
    •     A member of the City of Fort Morgan Police Department may contact you, using the information you provide, to request video.
    •     Under no circumstance shall participants in this camera registration program interpret that they are acting as an agent or employee of the City of Fort Morgan Police Department.
    •     The City of Fort Morgan Police Department will not utilize the information obtained from this site to remotely view camera footage without the permission of the owner. 

    Please only register a camera that is located within the City of Fort Morgan.

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