Fire Pension Board


Twice yearly, additional meetings held as necessary.


Current Members
Term Ends
Ron Shaver, Mayor Does Not Expire
Jean Kinney, City Treasurer Does Not Expire
Chief Trae Boehm, Fire Dept. Representative
Tonya Koch, Fire Dept. Representative
Zach Deal, Fire Dept. Representative
John Brennan, Municipality Representative Does Not Expire
Jeff Morford, Municipality Representative Does Not Expire


The Fire Pension Board consists of seven members made up of the City’s Mayor, the City’s Treasurer (or Finance Officer) (whose terms do not expire), three representatives of the Fire Department (who serve three-year terms), and two representatives of the municipality (whose terms do not expire). After a volunteer firefighter has served 20 years of active service and are at least 50 years of age, he/she is eligible to receive a pension through FPPA (Fire and Police Pension Association).

The Board has the responsibility to manage, use, and disburse the pension funds according to approved provisions of Part 11, C.R.S., as well as in conformity of the Department’s rules and bylaws.