Contractor Registration


Effective January 1, 2004
, the Building Department shall register each contractor doing business within the City of Fort Morgan, Colorado. At the time of registration, each contractor shall provide proof in the form of a Certificate of Insurance that they have general liability insurance for services being performed as a contractor within the City of Fort Morgan.

Contractor Registration Applications For New Contractors

Applications for New Contractors are available online by clicking the link below, or by coming to our office in person at 710 E. Railroad Ave. in Fort Morgan. Applications and required documentation may be scanned and emailed to Building Permit Technician Andrea Hill.
Contractor Registration Applications (New Contractors ONLY)

Contractor Renewals for Existing Contractors

Existing Contractors must contact our office at 970-542-3907 or by email to Building Permit Technician Andrea Hill to request that your renewal form be emailed or mailed by regular mail, or you may come to our office in person at 710 E. Railroad Ave. in Fort Morgan, at which time your renewal form be printed for you to review and complete.