Golf Course Advisory Board


  • 5:30 pm
  • Held every three (3) months on second Wednesday 
  • Golf Course Clubhouse - 17586 Morgan County Road T.5


Agendas are available online.
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VACANT December 31, 20XX
VACANT December 31, 20XX
VACANT December 31, 20XX
VACANT December 31, 20XX
VACANT (Non-Resident Member) December 31, 20XX

Current Non-Voting Advisors: Councilmember, City Manager, Head Golf Professional, and Matt Givens (Golf Course Maintenance Superintendent).

Golf Course Advisory Board Bylaws

View the most recent Golf Course Advisory Board Bylaws. If questions arise or further information is needed, please contact the City Clerk at (970) 542-3963.


The Golf Course Advisory Board consists of five adult citizen members. At any given time, three of the five members shall reside within the City limits. The other members may reside outside the City limits, but must be residents of Morgan County.

The Board makes recommendations to Staff and City Council on long-range planning, course playability, improvements, budgetary items, and other policies meant to improve the quality of play at the Quail Dunes Golf Course.