Planning Commission


  • 4:30 pm
  • Second and fourth Monday of the month if business warrants
  • City Hall


Agendas are available online.
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Current Voting Members
Term Ends
Larry Overton April 1, 2019
Scott Bryan April 1, 2020
Mike Tibbetts (Vice Chairman) April 1, 2020
Nicolas Ng (Chairman) April 1, 2021
John L. Young April 1, 2021
Virginia Foley April 1, 2023
Brian Urdiales April 1, 2023

Current Non-Voting Advisors: Jeff Wells (City Manager), Brad Curtis (Engineering and Public Works Director) and Jason Meyers (City Attorney).


This Commission consists of not less than seven members appointed by City Council. In addition, the City Attorney and the Municipal Engineer serve as non-voting advisers.

The purpose of the Commission is to provide citizen input into the planning and growth of the City and guiding orderly development using current ordinances and regulations. The Municipal Engineer and the City Attorney serve as non-voting advisors.