Sanitation Department

Trash Pick-Up & Disposal

The Sanitation Department provides sanitation (trash pick-up and disposal) to approximately 3,570 customers within the City. During the course of a year, the department picks up and hauls approximately 12,000 tons of solid waste to the landfill. Morgan County operates the landfill, which is located north of the City.

Solid waste is collected from residential customers twice per week and from commercial customers on an as-needed basis. During periods when the landfill is closed for such reasons as high winds, personnel from the Sanitation Department assist the Street Department with various projects.

Large Items

If at any time you have an large item (i.e., couch, mattress, etc.) for pick-up by the Sanitation Department, please do not leave it by your dumpster.   Call the Streets & Sanitation Superintendent at (970) 542-3987 to schedule a pick-up.