Airport Advisory Board



Agendas are available online.

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Current Voting Members
Term Ends
Alan Dahms (Chairman) (Non-Resident Member) January 1, 2020
Bruce Marron DDS January 1, 2020
Beth Gleason January 1, 2020
Heath Kuntz (Non-Resident Member) January 1, 2021
Vernon Tryon ( Vice Chairman) January 1, 2021
Edie Dolben January 1, 2022
Jack Darnell January 1, 2022

Current Non-Voting Advisers: Ron Shaver (Mayor), Jeff Wells (City Manager), Steve Glammeyer ( Public Works Director) and Kyle Scott (Fixed Based Operator - FBO)

Airport Advisory Board Bylaws

View the most recent Airport Advisory Board Bylaws (last revised March 17, 2009). Additions or revisions to these bylaws may occur at any time by action of the City Council. If questions arise or further information is needed, please contact Brenda Guggenmos at (970) 542-3907.


The Airport Advisory Board consists of seven members who serve three-year terms. One non-resident (one who lives outside the city limits of Fort Morgan, but within Morgan County) may sit on this board. If a member moves outside of the city limits during their term they shall resign, unless the non-resident member position is vacant.

They make recommendations to the City Manager on long-range planning, capital improvements, operation, maintenance, and other policies meant to improve operations at the Fort Morgan Municipal Airport. The Public Works Director, the Fixed Based Operator (FBO), the City Manager and a Councilmember serve as non-voting advisers.