Heating & Cooling

Heat & Cool Your Home Efficiently

Follow these tips to efficiently heat and cool your home:

  • Insulate your home. No matter what climate you live in, you can lower your energy bill by insulating the attic, outside walls, walls next to unheated or uncooled areas (such as garages or crawl spaces), foundation walls, and floors above unheated or uncoated areas. Insulating an uninsulated home can trim up to 30% off your heating and cooling bill.
  • Install storm windows and doors. They create an insulating layer of air between panes of glass. For an inexpensive alternative, use plastic sheeting which is a minimum of six millimeters thick.
  • Apply weather stripping around doors and windows.
  • Caulk around window and door frames, foundation cracks, where the siding meets the chimney, foundation and roof, around exterior ductwork and water faucets, and where wires enter the house.

Not sure where energy is seeping form your house? For a minimal fee, the City of Fort Morgan can provide an infrared test on your home to show where heat is escaping. Contact Light and Power at (970) 542-3913 for more information.

Maintaining Your Heating & Cooling System

To maintain your heating and cooling system properly, have your system checked once a year by a professional service person. Clean the radiators, ductwork, and vents because dirt and dust can make your system less efficient. Change your air filters regularly.