Garage Sales

Hosting Garage Sales in the City of Fort Morgan

If a City of Fort Morgan resident wishes to host a garage sale, an adult party involved in the sale must visit the City of Fort Morgan Police Department in person to complete the required form. That person will be given a copy of the signed form which must be posted at the location of the sale in a place where an officer can see it while driving by. Important information on the rules of advertising are also available.

Garage Sale Rules

Two sales may be held in a calendar year at each address, and each sale may be held for a maximum of two days. Remember only used items from a home are allowed to be sold at garage sales. No retail products allowed. Goods from home-based businesses are not allowed to be sold as retail at a garage sale. State and City sales tax licenses are not required.


For questions on hosting garage sales, please contact the Fort Morgan Police Department at (970) 542-3930.