Gas Appliance Permit Requirements

In the interest of public safety and to help prevent accidental carbon monoxide exposure, the City of Fort Morgan is requiring a permit be obtained and inspections be performed for all installations of gas appliances. This includes gas water heaters, gas furnaces, gas commercial cook stoves (does not include residential cook stoves), gas-fueled "fire logs" in fireplaces, gas-fueled stove inserts, and gas clothes dryers. The permit can be obtained at the Building/Planning & Zoning Department at 110 Sherman Street, Fort Morgan, and the fee is $25. A trained City professional will inspect the installation to make sure venting and other safety requirements have been met before the appliance is put into use. If you have any questions, call the City of Fort Morgan Gas Department at (970) 542-3910 or the Building Department at (970) 542-3907.