About the Fort Morgan Public Library

The Fort Morgan Public Library serves our community as a resource center by providing materials that satisfy the patron's need for recreational reading and information.

The Library assists in the achievement of educational goals and offers a creative atmosphere in which children and adults can foster their love of reading.


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The Library promotes the value of reading and raises public awareness of Library services. Through achieving its goals, the Library has become a recognized source of information, intellectual creativity, and entertainment for the community.
  1. Winter Reading Challenges for Youths, Adults at Library

    Adult and Youth Winter Reading Challenges will kick off Feb. 1 at the Fort Morgan Public Library. Read on...
  2. Info Meeting Set for Trip to Islands of New England

    The Fort Morgan Senior Citizens Center has quite a journey planned for this year. The 2020 trip will be a weeklong junket to see the Islands of New England! Read on...
  3. A Tribute to Gene Doty and His Legacy

    New senior center made possible through Doty's generosity. Opportunities exist for others in community to contribute to this landmark project. Read on...
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