City Council Information

Council Meetings

City Council meets on the first and third Tuesday of each month for their business meeting. It is only at these meetings that official action may be taken on given subject matter.

Check meeting agendas for start time and location. Watch live coverage of City Council meetings on Bresnan Communications / City of Fort Morgan Channel 191, as well as other City of Fort Morgan programming.

Council Meeting Agendas

View the most recent and past City Council meeting agendas.

Jargon & Definitions


The constitution for the citizens of Fort Morgan. It establishes Fort Morgan's municipal government.


A direction or action of the council (i.e. fees, regulations, rates, administrative guides). Some policies are set by resolution or motion.


Least formal and most basic type of governing body action. They are generally made orally. It is a means for a member of the governing body to bring almost any matter (including a resolution or ordinance) before the governing body for consideration.


A resolution is a council action which generally deals with special administrative or temporary matters as opposed to general rules of conduct (i.e. adoption of budget, approvals of specific transactions, such as purchases, expressions of the governing body's intent).


Ordinances are the highest and most authoritative form of action by a municipal governing body. Any permanent law of the municipality or any measure which prescribes a general rule of conduct which citizens are expected to follow is enacted by ordinance.


Similar to resolutions which municipal governing bodies sometimes adopt for ceremonial purposes (i.e. to honor an individual or declare a symbolic occasion).