Fire Marshal



John Zink
Fire Marshal

116 Main St.
P.O. Box 100
Fort Morgan, CO  80701

Ph: (970) 542-3983
Cell: (970) 768-9435

The Fire Marshall is a part-time city employee who reports directly to the Fire Chief.  It is his responsibility to conduct inspections of city businesses to insure compliance with the fire code.  The Fire Marshal also does re-inspections upon order of the Fire Chief.

A printable sample of what you will need to have ready for your inspection is included by following this link. This list in not all-inclusive, but it gives you and idea of the types of things the Fire Marshal looks for during an inspection.

A very important part of these inspections is the information gained for the fire department's pre-planning. The Fire Marshal and firefighters make plans during these inspections for fighting fires specific to the building. They learn where entrances and exits are, how the building is configured, factors that may affect the firefighters safety, and any other information that will allow the fire department to have a best plan of attack.

The Fire Marshal also participates in many fire prevention education programs, conducts CPR and first aid training sessions, and presents fire extinguisher training programs.