Nuisance (Formerly Refuse/Junk)

Throw it Away!

In an effort to keep our City looking clean and neat, it is important that all trash be deposited in the assigned dumpsters in your neighborhood.

Public nuisances include but are not limited to old cars, parts, construction materials, abandoned furniture or household appliances, and many other items that may have outlived their usefulness. If you have a large item (i.e., couch, attress, etc.) for pickup by the Sanitation Department, please do not leave it by your dumpster. Call the Sanitation Department at (970) 542-3985 to schedule a pickup.

The City of Fort Morgan Street Department holds an annual Spring Clean Up. Residents are encouraged to use this time to dispose of various household items in addition to yard trash. During this time, residents are allowed to place oversized items by the trash dumpsters in the alleys, or by the curb for those who do not have dumpsters. City crews will pick up the items and take them to the landfill at no charge.

Let's all do our part in keeping our city beautiful!